Hello, I go by Rin and im the creator behind Rimiplushies. I have been working with plushies for the last 10 years improving designs and building upon my passion for creating soft and fun plush creations..

I began making small personal plushies. Until my involvement with the Mlp (my little pony friendship is magic) fandom under the name KLplushies. It ignited my passion, and I began even selling my plushies at conventions simce 2015.

Along the way I've been slowly building upon my own workshop. I then partnered up with Rimi. A very skilled seamstress who has since become the manager for our workshop. Which has me able to focus on mainly making models and patterns. This has allowed us to make more detailed, and even lifesized plushies!

Over time i've been wanting to expand to other fandoms. It's been our dream to make a variety of plushies for everyone to enjoy. With us spanning across multiple fandoms (anime,furry,etc).

I have a passion to push my designs, and strive for our plushies to be more diverse. Which has led to me and my team creating our new waifu buddies line! I'll be excited to show off even more designs for them and so much more in the future. Thank you for stopping by to view our works!