Princess Luna Plush 40"

Princess Luna Plush 40"
Princess Luna Plush 40"

This is one of my unique pose design the Cuddle Pal Serise/Body Pillow, and she is approximately 40" tall~ She is soft and great for cuddling and decoration too. Made with Minky Cuddle, a softer, shorter fur and a kind of fabric that won't be easily get dirty due to over time cuddling :D

*pattern are not for sale*
*hand wash only, please do not use machine wash/dry*
*Processing time are different depend on current work load (2-6Months)*
*pillow in the photos not included*

My deviantart and Facebook page is: Rimiplushies as you can see what's newly been made as I don't update much on esty
I am also open commission for customs like OC or other characters other then MLPs so feel free to PM me about it :)